GetMyFirstJob secures £1m investment

GetMyFirstJob secures £1m investment

A start-up helping young people choose the right apprenticeship and making the process as easy as possible has landed £1m in investment as it continues growing.

Nesta Impact Investments and the City & Guilds Group have invested a combined total of £1m in apprenticeship provider GetMyFirstJob.

GetMyFirstJob prides itself on being an ‘innovative web platform that improves the speed and quality of matching young people to the right apprenticeship.’

The company does this by working with employers and training providers to help them find apprentices in a time frame that works for them.

David Allison, CEO of GetMyFirstJob says: “One of the big issues when it comes to apprenticeships is timing.

“How do you get the right young person into an apprenticeship quickly so that it works for employers?

“Businesses can’t wait weeks and weeks to find the right person, that’s why it is vital that we have a placement system that’s quick and easy to use.

“One of the very frustrating things for young people is that they have lots of people giving them advice but it rarely leads directly to a job.

“Careers advice should be directly linked to real jobs – this proactive approach is best for candidates and employers.

“As soon as young people register their details with GetMyFirstJob they can be contacted by proactive employers and training providers as well as looking for the best vacancies for themselves.”

Isabel Newman from Nesta Impact Investments added: “We know that one of the most challenging times in a young person’s life is when they leave school or college and look for their first job.

“Apprenticeships are an ideal way for many young people to make this transition but often the process is long-winded and difficult to navigate.

“We believe that GetMyFirstJob offers a real breakthrough and has the potential to help thousands of young people get the right apprenticeship.”

The new investment follows a period of rapid growth for GetMyFirstJob since their previous funding round in January 2015, during which time the business has grown by over 500%.