Underdog to business superhero

Underdog to business superhero

Graham Jules, a British author and businessman, has won a two-and-a-half year legal battle against Marvel and DC to publish his book 'Business Zero To Superhero.'

Businessman Graham Jules attempted to publish his business start-up book ‘Business Zero To Superhero’ back in 2014 but hit a stumbling block when he received a letter from Marvel & DC’s solicitors.

The letter highlighted the fact that the publishers opposed the use of the word ‘superhero’ in the title of his book and planned to take legal action.

Speaking back in 2014 in a radio interview with the BBC and The Mail On Sunday, Jules said: “I was very shocked, I’m a new author and small business and I’m now in the position of fighting or scrapping the entire book.”

He added: “I cannot fight Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man all by myself! Having looked into this further I can see Marvel & DC have tried this before, threatening small publishers from using the word superhero in their work. It’s not very fair, superhero is a word used by many comic books and creative writers.”

Despite the challenges, and with his willingness to fight back, Jules, also a business law undergraduate, decided to take on the publishing giants and a hearing was planned for later this week.

In what can only be described as a ‘David and the Goliath’ style legal battle, the entrepreneur has proven small businesses can stand up to corporate giants after the duo admitted defeat four days before the planned hearing.

Jules is now all but set to bring ‘Buziness Zero To Superhero’ to market.