MyLife start-up delivers results

MyLife start-up delivers results

After several years as head of development at Ocado, Chris Bianca is looking to use his knowledge and expertise to drive forward a new development of his own with

Having spent seven and a half years at Ocado, Chris Bianca felt it was the right time to make use of the expertise and knowledge he’d gained to launch a business of his own.

This led to Chris launching, a new app helping people record their memories and experiences on a private memory book so they can remember them forever.

After a year of development, and a few months of beta testing, the apps have now been accepted by both Apple and Android app stores and as of this week are available to download.

He told BQ: “ is social, in a private way. There’s a growing concern over the amount of information that people are sharing online, who that’s being shared with and what it’s subsequently being used for. Currently people can use social networks or private diary apps to record things about their life. 

“Social networks are shared by default and, as the title dictates, publicise everything you add to everyone. At the other end of the spectrum the private diary apps don’t allow you to relive shared experiences.

“ addresses these privacy concerns by giving users the best of both worlds.  It ensures that any experiences people want to remember are only ever shared with those who are tagged, i.e. those who were there.

“Each experience becomes a private social network in itself, where people can add photos, comments, locations, plus their own private thoughts and memories that will only ever be visible to them.”

Speaking about his journey so far, he added: “Every day is a challenge, and that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing.

“Starting a business as a solo founder is tough, and I can understand now why the general advice is to try and get a co-founder early. 

“Unfortunately that didn’t happen, so one of the biggest challenges has been to maintain the level of drive and determination required to develop a product and bring it to market when working largely on my own.”

Having been given the green light by the app stores, Bianca’s next big target is to attract users and identify the right investor(s) to help grow the business.

When asked what advice he’d give to a budding entrepreneur, he said: “Make sure you believe 100% in your idea, because you are going to be living and breathing it 247 for the foreseeable future, so you need to be sure it’s going to get you through all the incredibly tough times ahead.”