MealKitt finds the right balance

MealKitt finds the right balance

A personal trainer turned entrepreneur, Julian Gaine knows all about dieting and discipline, the two things which he hopes will make MealKitt a success.

When Julian Gaine’s mother had undergone a gastric bypass and was malnourished post-surgery, he knew there must be a way to help people in similar circumstances.

In a bid to help his mother after her bariatric surgery, Julian came up with a concept to help her eat the right amount of foods in a bid to restore her health.

After helping his mother fight back to fitness, and helping Julian himself to lose weight, he began testing the concept on his fitness clients and received raving reviews.

It was at that point he decided to look at turning the concept into a business and he began testing Mealkitt to see if it could become profitable.

Speaking to BQ, he said: “MealKitt measures portions sizes for your major food groups so there is no need to calorie count or weigh your food.

“It takes all the guess work out of dieting for men and women! It can help you lose body fat, maintain a balanced diet or gain mass.”

When asked what makes the idea different, he said: “There has only ever been basic portion control plates and cups on the market. We even still commonly use the hand method of calculating portions sizes.

“The Mealkitt creates portion sizes for men and women for losing body fat, maintaining a balanced diet and gaining mass all in one box. It also measures, oils and liquid proteins using specially designed cups.

“Because you don't have to spend ages calorie counting and weighing your food, it saves time in our busy lives and makes it more appealing and sustainable to use for longer periods of time.”

As well as his personal savings and his income as a personal trainer, Julian knew he would need to raise capital from alternative sources to help grow the business.

This led to him launching a crowdfunding campaign earlier this month via KickStarter and bringing on board two small external investors.

“I started up initially by making the early prototypes using lego blocks to create the portion sizes that I gave to clients as part of my personal training - my fitness, nutritional advice and personal training business funded the initial investment,” he added.

“Then I took a big loan from the bank to create the product. As the MealKitt came to the manufacturing stage I brought on two small investors and launched the product on Kickstarter. Launched on 18 May, MealKitt has already managed to reach over half of its funding goal!”

With the crowdfunding campaign off to a strong start, Julian has high hopes for the business and is looking to branch out with stockists across the country.

He concluded: “The next big target is to aim to get the mealkitt into Bariatric surgeries. We’re already supported by Bariatric Surgery London and we’re also hoping to work with heart foundations, the NHS, gyms and fitness centres, to help people with their diets and try and support the growing global problem of obesity.”

To find out more about MealKitt and get involved in the Kickstarter campaign, click here.