Willis launches new snack brand

Willis launches new snack brand

The Buckinghamshire entrepreneur behind Salty Dog and Darling Spuds – Dave Willis – has launched Gruntled Pork Crackling, a new snack brand which has already been snapped up by Booths.

Willis co-founded Salty Dog in 2002 and crisps and toasted corn kernels brand Darling Spuds in 2010 alongside his wife Judy.

Today the brands produce around 10 million packs of snacks a year and they are exported across the globe.

The products are also stocked by BA, Booths, Brewdog, United Airlines, Thompsons, Thorntons, Apostrophe, as well as many independent pubs and small pub groups.

Now, Willis is hoping to replicate his previous success with the launch of Gruntled Pork Crackling – which has already been snapped up by fine food and drink retailer Booths.

“I’m thrilled that Booths are stocking Gruntled right from the start. It’s a ringing endorsement for the new brand and for our existing brands Salty Dog and Darling Spuds which have a fine pedigree,” said Dave.

 “The alternative snacks market continues to grow, with flavour and indulgence two of the key drivers of consumer demand, and the new Gruntled brand has bags of both,” said Dave.

Gruntled Three Flavours High Res Without Words

The Salty Dog and Darling Spuds brands created by Dave and Judy, who are based at Chesham, are popular with snack lovers and Salty Dog has been voted as one of the UK's coolest brands for a number of years.

Their business has its roots back in the 1990s, when Dave returned from backpacking across Asia and Australia and found himself at a bit of a loose end.

“I managed to scrape together enough money for a clapped out second-hand van, bought a load of crisps and hit the streets of London, calling into pubs to see if they’d buy my wares,” he said.

“It was in 2003 that I had my lightbulb moment. I thought to myself ‘we could make better crisps than these ones on the back of my van’.

“My wife and business partner Judy totally agreed and Salty Dog crisps were born, named in honour of our pooch and my cabin buddy, a slightly scruffy Jack Russell pup called Ruby.”

Available in three flavours, Cornish Sea Salt, Habanero and English Mustard, Gruntled Pork Crackling is designed for both the retail and the pub and hospitality trade.

Booths is one of the first to take the brand on board with almost 30 stores across Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester.