Entrepreneurs encourage you to drink 'What A Melon'

Entrepreneurs encourage you to drink 'What A Melon'

Solution Sciences are capitalising on the fact that coconut water is not to everyone’s taste, bringing their What A Melon drink to the growing health hydration marketplace.

Entrepreneurs Oliver Bolton and Tom Procter developed the Alibi drink range two years ago, and have enjoyed great success with the product findings its way to the shelves of stores like Waitrose.

Olvier told us: “After successfully launching Alibi drinks, we were on the hunt for the next trend in the natural hydration market. We had the launch of US watermelon water brand WTRMLN on our radar three years ago and quickly realised it was becoming popular.

“An overwhelming amount of consumers had tried coconut water for the first time, didn’t like it and hadn’t revisited since with many just accepting it wasn’t a great taste and moving on.

"These factors combined inspired my co-founder Tom and I to create What A Melon. We truly believe that it’s a great alternative to coconut water, matching the health benefits and also containing the amino-acid Citrulline which aids in muscle-recovery and increase endurance.

“This is one of the key ingredients which makes it the perfect post-work out drink,” he concludes.

What A Melon water tastes… well, like fresh watermelon, they assure us!

Available from Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Nuffield Wellness Centers and London independents, the brand is also currently in talks with Waitrose and plans on retailing directly through its website soon.

Ahead of the launch of What A Melon, Oliver has been working on ways of getting more support for their business and products. “We’ve recently been announced as semi-finalists in the Virgin VOOM competition – Richard Branson’s initiative which encourages start-up businesses to grow.

“It’s been really exciting so far and we were lucky enough to be part of their Guinness World Record 29 hour long pitch last week. We've also made it into the Crowdfunder top 5 after successfully raising over £77,000, we are in for a shot at winning the Crowdfunder Prize, so there are very exciting times ahead for us!”

Solution Sciences is a growing business: “In five years’ time we want to have met our turnover targets and cemented What A Melon as a viable alternative to coconut water.

“Right now, we’re on track to reach our year one target of £1m turnover. In terms of distribution outlets, we want to see What A Melon stocked everywhere that coconut water currently sits.”