A family affair for Cadbury entrepreneur

A family affair for Cadbury entrepreneur

The great-great grandson of George Cadbury has launched his own ethical chocolate start-up inspired by the historic brand’s British heritage.

Entrepreneur James Cadbury has launched Love Cocoa: a range of artisan chocolate bars, handmade in the UK and ready to be delivered as a gift.

James is the great-great grandson of George Cadbury ─ a founding father of the iconic Cadbury confectionery company.

In 2010, Cadbury was subject to a hostile takeover by American corporation Kraft, but James’ Love Cocoa collection is firmly fixed in British tradition.

His passion for chocolate is rooted in his family history. He said: “It was a magical moment when, as a young boy, I realised that the name on my school exercise book matched the one on my chocolate bar. My great-great grandfather had actually created this famous chocolate brand.”

James also shares his ancestor’s ambition to create something ‘absolutely pure, therefore the best’. Love Cocoa bars are handcrafted in the UK using organic, fair trade cocoa, ethically sourced from the Dominican Republic and Ecuador.

Speaking about why he decided to launch the brand as an online gift service, as opposed to a standard confectionary brand, he said: “I was searching for an online service through which I could post a chocolate gift directly to my Mum for her birthday, but I could not find a service which was next day and that fitted through the letterbox. Most retailers require items to be signed for…that ruins the surprise.

“I looked everywhere, but in the end I popped a handmade card and some chocolate in the post. What if I could do this from the comfort of my own home? I thought, and I knew I’d spotted a gap in the market for premium letterbox-friendly chocolate gifts.”

This isn’t James’ first entrepreneurial venture. In 2014, he co-founded Property Moose ─ a property crowdfunding website.

James is also planning to expand the business through Crowdfunding investment. The campaign is due to kick off soon.

Later in the year, he also plans to launch a chocolate subscription club.