Bright outlook for Maidenhead property

Bright outlook for Maidenhead property

Demand for office space in Maidenhead is on the up, according to Lambert Smith Hampton's annual Thames Valley Office Market report.

The report highlights the impact the forthcoming Elizabeth Line and Western Rail Access to Heathrow transport improvements will have on the town.

It also shows:

  • Take-up moved above the 10-year average in 2015, following a quiet 2014.
  • Supply has remained at 745,000 sq ft since 2012, with a 50:50 split between grade A and second hand space.
  • The arrival of The Elizabeth Line in 2019 will build on Maidenhead's popularity and the local authority is actively planning for a significant increase in demand for business space.
  • Prime rents have risen sharply over the past 15 months to £37.50, a 25% increase from 2014.
    • Cliff Jackson, director for LSH Maidenhead, said: "Take-up in 2015 showed a marked turn around on the fortunes of the previous year, headline rents have continued to rise and availability in the town centre is beginning to diminish, with little new development expected to start in 201617.

      “Availability out of town is more healthy and these areas should see increasing demand on the back of lack of supply in the town centre. Crossrail and Western Rail Access to Heathrow continue to feature in the decision making for business relocation and Maidenhead is already seeing the benefit of these infrastructure upgrades.”


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