Bringing history to life

Bringing history to life

A start-up devised by a primary school teacher and her partner from Walthamstow is bringing history to life for 7-11 year old's with its new educational subscription boxes.

Primary school teacher Samantha Metcalf (36) and her partner Peter Walliker (36) launched Mysteries in Time to provide children with an exciting new way to learn about the past outside of school hours.

Each month subscribers receive a time machine postal box packed with fun activities linked to different periods in history.

Through a combination of fiction, non-fiction, crafts and fun puzzles, children gain an understanding of a different historical time each month.

“While Mysteries in Time can be used to support or complement the curriculum, it does not exclusively follow it,” said Samantha.

“We believe in a broad educational experience and are happy to be free from the constraints of the curriculum; we will choose our historical topics based on how interesting we think they are to explore and learn about.”

In order to bring the business idea to life, the duo initially launched a website before investing capital into the concept in a bid to gather feedback.

Peter told BQ: “We researched the subscription model thoroughly before establishing the concept of Mysteries in Time.

“We spent time building up a solid network of suppliers, then making a quality product that we believe people would want to buy. 

“We initially validated our idea by creating a landing page website, through which we received a number of sign-ups and feedback. This gave us the confidence to continue. 

“As soon as we had made our first boxes, we spent time further validating our idea by reaching out to bloggers on social media.

“We chose bloggers who have a child within our target age range of 7-11. We have since received a number of excellent reviews, all extremely positive and encouraging.”

The approach has so far paid off and the duo have committed more time and money towards building the business as they look to the future.

Peter added: “In three years time we hope to have established Mysteries in Time as a recognisable brand within the subscription box and education markets.

“We want to grow our subscriber base and further develop a fun and unique resource for children to enjoy learning about history.

“We have many ideas about how to develop the brand, for example extending our product offering by creating a version for younger children.

“In addition to inspiring a love of history, we hope to have built a reputation for having a quality product.”

Mysteries in Time subscription boxes cost £15.95 + £2.95 postage and packaging and are shipped worldwide from their UK base.


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