Migrant entrepreneurs flock to Whitechapel

Migrant entrepreneurs flock to Whitechapel

London’s Whitechapel has long been known for its diverse culture, so it’s quite fitting that a new business show is being held there later this month to improve the network of London’s migrant community.

The Migrant Business Show is the brainchild of Brazilian property entrepreneur Rafael dos Santos who moved to London in 2002.

Having left a good job with Microsoft, he moved to London with no contacts and worked his way up from working as a cleaner, a perfume demonstrator and then a landlord.

dos Santos said: “Recent research in Stratford, London showed that the three key issues that migrants face when starting or running a business is a lack of network, lack of knowledge and lack of funding. The show in two weeks’ time addresses the network problem as stands are affordable – starting at just £100.00 and tickets to attend the event are free of charge.”

The event takes place at mi-HUB, the first UK business hub dedicated to supporting migrant entrepreneurs to start and grow successful businesses.

The property has been secured by dos Santos who aims to foster business growth, knowledge and integration through relationships with entrepreneurs, education and integration with international migrant communities.

The plan is for mi-HUB to provide nurturing for small business owners, who as well as having an office at a value for money price, will have the opportunity to learn how to accelerate their business growth.

The venue, which has yet to be officially opened, will house 150 desks in a newly refurbished office in Batty Street, close to Aldgate East Station in Whitechapel, London.

Over 1,500 visitors are expected to attend.