Digital investment is the icing on the cake

Digital investment is the icing on the cake

Rachael’s Kitchen, a UK-wide cupcake delivery service based in Worthing, has seen sales rise by 50% in just four months after investing in increasing its digital presence.

Rachael Halstead launched Rachael’s Kitchen back in 2009 with the aim of setting up her own ecommerce cupcakes store.

In a bid to finance the company and hone her craft, she started selling her products through local markets and festivals.

This helped her raise enough money and conduct invaluable market research to officially launch her ecommerce store which swiftly proved a huge success.

Launching a store on back in 2010, Rachael soon started to see orders fly in from across the UK.

As the company continued to grow, Rachael also branched out into producing personalised corporate cupcakes for business events and festivals.

Before long, the company was exporting its produce across Europe, landing the likes of EDF Energy, Cambridge University and BDO LLP among others as repeat customers.

After a successful few years selling its cupcakes online, Rachael decided to explore new opportunities of growing the brand’s online presence and increasing sales.

This led to her launching a Google AdWords campaign after attending one of the search engines Google Digital Garage events.

Rachael has since seen online sales soar by 50% in the past four months. This increased business means the company has also been able to take on an extra person and is now at full capacity.

She told BQ: "As a mainly ecommerce company our digital marketing strategy is our path to growth. We started using Google Adwords as a way to achieve visibility at peak times of the year – including Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

"We kept our campaigns narrow and specific to maximise return – by targeting certain keywords you know you are appearing for relevant searches and ensuring budget is well spent.

"Our turnover has doubled since we began investing in digital marketing three years ago. The online marketplace is huge, investment in digital marketing is essential to stand out from competitors and reach your target customer.

"I think of this investment as a shop-front on the high-street, if you want people to come in to your store, you need to entice them!"

As far as Rachael is concerned, growing sales also put her in a better position to bargain and drive down costs.


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