Breathing life into the phone box

Breathing life into the phone box

Merging the old with the new, smart phone repair company Lovefone is opening the world’s smallest mobile repair stores in London’s iconic telephone boxes.

Lovefone, a chain of smartphone repair stores, is opening up the world’s tiniest repair shops inside British red telephone booths.

With the advent of mobile technology making the iconic red telephone boxes obsolete, the company was determined to put them to good use. 

The first of the stores, which also offer a free charging service, opened its doors on Tuesday (16 August) on Greenwich High Street next to The Mitre pub.

This is set to be followed by a store in Knightsbridge before the company opens a further six boxes across the capital throughout the year. 

The aim is to have 35 locations in London over the next 18 months with franchise opportunities available outside London.

Robert Kerr, CEO of Lovefone, told BQ: “When we came up with the idea to use red call boxes as tiny repair shops it seemed obvious.  

“Our business is unique in that the devices and components we repair are tiny, as such we don’t need a lot of space to perform repairs.  

“Our biggest challenge may be finding repairers skinny enough to fit inside them! We’re really excited to bring these iconic structures back into public use.”

To accompany the launch of Lovefone boxes across the UK, Lovefone also created ‘The Chronicles of the Phone Box’, an interactive look at how the iconic British phone box developed over time.


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