Meet the buyer at Stansted

Meet the buyer at Stansted

Businesses from across the South East of England are being invited to an event to meet and discuss potential new sales opportunities with companies based at, or in close proximity to Stansted.

The ‘Stansted Meet the Buyers’ event is taking place on Thursday 6 October at the Radisson Blu Hotel between 9am and 5pm and will give suppliers based in the region the chance to meet and discuss potential new sales opportunities.

Hosted by Stansted Airport, the business procurement and networking event is now in its 15th successful year, having generated millions of pounds worth of sales in the past.

Stansted Airport CEO, Andrew Cowan, said: ‘Meet the buyers gives local companies the chance to come and talk to businesses what they can offer in terms of products and services.

“We are all aware these are difficult economic times but this event can hopefully provide opportunities for local suppliers and businesses.’

TCS Carpentry attended the event for the first time last year: ‘The event was very well organised, we were able to decide prior to coming who we wanted to see’.

Speaking about the event, the firm said: “Without the MTB’s event we may have slipped under the radar regarding the potential contracts on offer.

“Our business is heavily focused on the residential new build market but in order to grow further we needed to branch into the commercial contracting side of the construction industry, this event allowed us that opportunity.”

Any company from the East of England is welcome to attend the event. For suppliers the event costs £125 + VAT.

Those interested in attending the event can find out more by calling Debbie on 020 7700 0008 or emailing, or visit the website, quoting reference STN01