Morgan Sindall lands major Heathrow deal

Morgan Sindall lands major Heathrow deal

Construction and infrastructure company Morgan Sindall has landed a lucrative £7.3m contract to carry out refurbishments and improvements at Heathrow Airport.

Rugby-headquartered Morgan Sindall has confirmed that it has been selected as one of four partners to deliver a £1.5bn programme of upgrades and improvements at Heathrow Airport over the next five years.

Morgan Sindall has been appointed to a three year contract as Heathrow’s 'Delivery Integrator' to deliver the airport’s project works for the southern campus of the airport’s airside and landside infrastructure. This is one of four geographic zones in total and, in each case, a single contractor is appointed to deliver the work.

Graham Shennan, managing director of Morgan Sindall, said: "We are delighted to continue what is already a successful working relationship.

"Heathrow is the UK’s only full scale hub airport, providing links to the world’s leading cities as ranked by GDP.

"As such, its ongoing asset replacement programme is of key strategic importance to this country.

"We have an experienced team that is well used to the pressures of operating in a live airside environment, which does pose meaningful challenges and constraints for contractors.

"We very much welcome the opportunity to once again demonstrate our spirit of professional collaboration, our efficiency and our ability to innovate on often complex projects."

Morgan Sindall is already carrying out a variety of projects at Heathrow Airport, including a £31m runway rehabilitation project.