In galaxies far, far away....

In galaxies far, far away....

The biggest video game of all, featuring over 18 quintillion planets in what is called an infinite procedurally generated galaxy, was produced in the heart of one of the most productive and fastest growing digital economies in the UK, Guildford.

'No Man's Sky' was forged by Hello Games, led by MD Sean Murray, in the Enterprise M3 area which is home to powerful clusters of games, cyber security, aerospace and defence, automotive, digital media and telecommunications companies.

A detailed Digital Technologies Report commissioned by Enterprise M3, and conducted by Regeneris, revealed the scale and impact of the digital economy in the region. The key findings showed that the ten largest digital clusters in the UK are either in the Enterprise M3 area or in close proximity to it.

The Enterprise M3 economy ranks as one of the UK's leading digital economies. It is home to 8,500 digital businesses, employing 50,270 individuals and accounting for 7.4% of all Enterprise M3 employment.

Simon Hooton, director at Regeneris, the study authors, said: "This study illustrates the importance of the Enterprise M3 area to the growth and development of the South East and UK's digital economy. The Enterprise M3 area has distinct specialisms in 5G technologies, cyber security and gaming on which the area can build and gain competiveness in global markets."

Talking about his breakthrough game, Sean Murray said: “Since we founded Hello Games we had an idea of a massive game, something incredible. Now we have had the chance of making it. We announced No Man's Sky at the VGX in December 2013, and we were amazed by the response. It’s the biggest thing we've ever attempted with our little team.”