Understand the value of IP with the LSE

Understand the value of IP with the LSE

The London Stock Exchange is the latest organisation to back the IP100, the UK’s first intellectual property league table compiled by BQ in association with Metis Partners.

The LSE’s ELITE initiative, which helps ambitious businesses to scale-up and prepare for the next stages of growth and investment, is sponsoring the latest free IP100 event in London tomorrow (29 March).

The event, held in the run up to the 2017 IP League Table rankings due to be published in April, will focus on the challenges that IP-rich SMEs face when scaling-up their businesses and the importance of creating a robust business model backed by well-managed and protected intangible assets.

Over the past 4 years, the ELITE programme has helped nearly 500 companies from 25 countries to expand, grow their networks and explore different capital options. ELITE companies become part of a continuously expanding ecosystem of peer companies, 150 advisers, 100 investors and a vast community of supporters ranging from industry, government and academia.

Stephen Robertson, director of Metis Partners, said: "This new partnership with ELITE offers both IP100 entrants and members of the ELITE programme many of the tools and knowledge they need for successful fundraising and international expansion.

“It’s significant that a number of IP entrants such as M Squared, Sphere Fluidics and Grid Smarter Cities are also members of ELITE. Furthermore, the recent acquisition of the IP-rich online travel fare aggregator, Skyscanner, has again raised the profile and importance of IP as a core tenet of a fast-growing business, constantly increasing its business/exit valuation.” 

Umerah Akram, head of ELITE UK, said: “ELITE is delighted to support the IP100 event which addresses some of the challenges of scaling up IP-rich businesses. ELITE has helped nearly 500 companies from a wide range of sectors to expand, access expert advice and secure investment. The majority of ELITE UK companies consider IP-related challenges as a core to their business, many of which are part of the IP100.”

Bryan Hoare, managing director of BQ, added: “We are delighted to have ELITE join us to host the free ‘Scaling up an IP-rich business’ event at the London Stock Exchange tomorrow. The IP100 is a great way for innovative and IP boasting businesses to showcase their IP asset strength and their track record in exploiting IP.”

The ‘Scaling up an IP-rich business’ event is taking place tomorrow (29 March) evening from 5.30pm at London Stock Exchange, 10 Paternoster Square, London EC4M 7LS.

You can register for the event here: http://www.bqlive.co.uk/events-calendar/2017/03/10/events/ip100-club-scaling-up-an-ip-rich-business-25237/