PopUp Business School takes on gaming

PopUp Business School takes on gaming

As the gaming industry grows and presents more opportunities for entrepreneurs, the Void Gaming Festival will aim to teach young people how they can make money playing video games.

Peabody Housing, The PopUp Business School, Game, and Charlton Athletic Football Club are working together to host a national first; a gaming festival with an educational core.

The festival will have its grand opening at The Link in Thamesmead at 12pm Monday 21st August, running for an entire week.

The industry is growing rapidly (from $101.1bn in 2016 to an estimated $128.5bn in 2020) and now more than ever it is possible to create careers and make money doing what you love. With young people making money running YouTube Channels, getting sponsored to play games or to take part in e-sports competitions there has never been a better opportunity to get involved in gaming.

Since 2011, PopUp Business School has been travelling around the UK teaching people how to make money doing what they love. They hope this project will encourage young people to take ownership of their lives and give them the opportunity to make money from their passion.

Parents are telling their children to play less on the computer, yet there have never been more opportunities to create a career from gaming and computers.

Over £1bn is currently being invested in Thamesmead, making it not only the biggest regeneration project in London but one of the biggest in the UK. Home to more than 45,000 people, Thamesmead has the capacity for another 20,000 new homes and thousands of high value new jobs, complemented by a new leisure, cultural and commercial offer for the town and for London.

The Void Gaming Festival will give gamers the chance to; 

 - Play the latest blockbuster video games
 - Play independent games 
 - Try out the latest virtual reality games, including Playstation VR and Oculus Rift
 - Learn about what it takes to make money in the gaming industry
 - A chance to network with industry professionals 

Alan Donegan, co-founder of PopUp Business School said: “Our whole purpose is to inspire the next generation that they can create businesses doing what they love, that they can build a career in something that they are passionate about and we are going to do that through gaming.” 

Peabody Housing said “We hope residents will make the most of this unique opportunity to meet with gaming professionals and gain an insight into career pathways and 
enterprise opportunities, as well as tips on how to stay safe online. We want them to find out what options are out there and essentially help them to reach their full potential.”

Matt Horne, Charlton Athletic Community Trust’s Youth partnership manager said “It’s a fantastic 5-day event for the young people in Thamesmead and its surrounding areas. Another example of our strong partnership with Peabody Trust.”