London to Sydney flights to take off by 2022

London to Sydney flights to take off by 2022

Australian airliner Qantas expects to be flying direct from London to the east coast of Australia as of 2022.

Qantas has announced it is investigating direct flights from the east coast of Australia to London and New York by 2022.

A challenge has been given to Airbus and Boeing to give their next-generation aircraft currently under development the range to make these non-stop flights possible with a full passenger load. 

A direct flight would cut total journey time by up to four hours on Sydney-London and almost three hours on Melbourne-New York.

Speaking as the airliner reported its full-year results, CEO Alan Joyce said: “From next year we’ll be flying direct from Perth to London, which is a huge leap forward.

“We believe advances in technology in the next few years will make Sydney to London direct a possibility and Qantas is well placed to be the airline to do it.

“Any aircraft purchase would have to meet strict financial thresholds, but these direct flights would be revolutionary for air travel in Australia.”

Qantas’ inaugural Heathrow to Perth service will take off in March 2018 and will provide a huge boost to UK-Australia trade.