Huxley Hound

Mike and Zena Deane agree an offer with Jenny Campbell

Huxley Hound founders win over the Dragons

The husband and wife team behind the organic dog treat brand received two offers after entering the Dragons’ Den.

Mike and Zena Deane attracted offers from the two new members of Dragons’ Den on Sunday night’s show (27 Aug).

The couple received offers from both Jenny Campbell and Tej Lavlani before accepting  £50,000 offer from dog loving Jenny.

Inspired by their miniature dachshunds Huxley and Rolo, the Surrey based couple have produced a range of ‘Better than RawTM’ low fat snack treats.

Frustrated by the lack of innovation in the dog treats sector, Mike and Zena realised they had a great business concept.

They started to make their own doggy snacks for Huxley and Rolo  with a single dehydrator machine in their own kitchen.

The dogs delighted reaction encouraged Mike and Zena to trial the products on their friend’s pooches and they received a resounding wag from over 600 testers across 72 breeds.

From that one dehydrator to a factory in Guilford, the duo now work with organic growers ensuring a clean production line that allows them to trace all of their snacks back to the precise date and location of harvest.

Mike said: “The RCVS has cited the growing obesity epidemic as the biggest single risk to canine health, and Zena and I believe that this is the perfect time to scale an ethical, low fat, healthy treat business both within the UK and export markets.”

Zena added: “Every year over 100,000 tonnes of dog treats are sold in the UK and around 70% of those are some sort of processed meat or a biscuit.

"We wanted to create an alternative choice for health-conscious dog owners who are looking for high quality products for their best friend.”