Dan Vahdat

Dan Vahdat, CEO of Medopad

Chinese trade mission sees Medopad land £100m worth of contracts

The CEO of the London-based healthtech business, Dan Vahdat, signed the deals during Theresa May’s trade mission to China.

Medopad, the UK-based health-tech AI company, has secured over £100m worth of commercial projects and partnerships in China.

The announcement was made as prime minister Theresa May met with China’s President Xi following trade talks with Premier Li in Beijing.

Vahdat said: “It is a privilege to be a part of the Prime Minister’s delegation to China to meet President Xi and Premier Li. 

“We are honored to announce collaborations and projects with leading Chinese and international healthcare, technology, academic and corporate partners.

“Together we will work to improve patient care in China and around the world, and we look forward to our technology and AI capabilities contributing a small part towards China’s healthcare reform goals.

“Doing business in China is different to the UK. The Department for International Trade, the UK Embassy in China and Healthcare UK have supported us with great counsel, securing timely meetings and enabling us to network in the right channels.”

Medopad has signed 15 trade deals in total. Most notably, the partnership with Tencent, China’s largest technology business, will advance the use artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare platforms for research impact and clinical decision support.

Others include China Resources, GSK China, Peking University, Lenovo, Ping An Good Doctor and UMP Healthcare.

Richard Burn, director-general at the Department for International Trade China, commented: “Medopad is a fast-growing UK SME with cutting edge healthcare technology and AI capabilities that deliver remarkable outcomes for patients and practitioners alike.

“I am delighted that they have successfully negotiated several deals with such significant Chinese partners.

“DIT China has been proud to work with Medopad to facilitate introductions to Chinese government departments and potential business partners and to have provided advice on policy and approvals processes.

“We look forward to supporting more dynamic businesses like Medopad as they pursue the tremendous opportunities on offer in China.”