James Caan

James Caan CBE

Caan launches new start-up support programme

Former Dragons’ Den investor James Caan CBE has launched a new venture aimed at bringing together innovative start-ups and established businesses.

James Caan CBE has launched a new start-up venture programme, VenturesPlus, in partnership with Dutch Entrepreneur Hendrik Halbe.

VenturesPlus will work with established businesses who want to protect their business from future disruption by investing in start-ups with innovative technologies.

Speaking about the launch, Caan said: “I’m launching VenturesPlus to address a problem I know exists.

“I speak to countless corporate businesses who are actively looking to invest in new technologies but find it increasingly challenging to find promising start-ups.

“At the same time, I speak to thousands of entrepreneurs who find it hard to scale due to lack of finance and resources and would hugely benefit from a partner who has access to their market and customer base.

“That’s where VenturesPlus step in. We bring the whole ecosystem together and match it perfectly.”

VenturesPlus has “a track record you can trust” Caan claims. Between them, the partners have impressive credentials.

During his role as chairman of Start Up Loans, Caan helped start over 28,000 businesses and through his work with global start-up community, Get in the Ring, Halbe has established relationships with over 20,000 entrepreneurs in over 100 countries.

Caan claims these figures are the reason why VenturesPlus can search and secure the brightest entrepreneurs across the world for their corporate partners.

Selected entrepreneurs will be invited to join the VenturesPus programme and develop their business while working towards signing an investment deal from both the corporate and James Caan.

Speaking about why he believes traditional accelerators aren’t succeeding, Caan says: “Traditional accelerators are limited when it comes to accessing top entrepreneurial talent. What we’re doing is bringing the world’s leading entrepreneurs to leading corporate businesses.

“Often, accelerators ask too much from entrepreneurs; VenturesPlus is all about creating mutually beneficial partnerships.That’s why we never ask for equity until we know both parties are happy working together and have agreed investment terms.”

A serial entrepreneur in his own right, Halbe grew Get in the Ring from a local pitching event to a global platform active in over 100 countries connecting start-ups to the resources they need.

“We do things differently to your average accelerator”, Halbe comments. “Innovation doesn’t happen in a 12-week programme. In order for it to work it needs long term commitment from both sides.

“This is why a VenturesPlus programme runs all year round. This way, corporates don't miss an opportunity and startups get the dedicated long run support they deserve.”