Farida Gibbs

Farida Gibbs, CEO and founder of Gibbs Hybrid

Gibbs Hybrid expands into the US

The technology business is expanding across the pond as it looks to capitalise on strengthening UK-US trade relations post-Brexit.

Gibbs Hybrid, a single source supplier of technology, outsourcing and talent management, is expanding to North America where they expect to reach US$50m in revenue within two years.

The company, which recently posted US$102m in European revenues, uniquely combines the elements of digital transformation, people, processes and technology.

Last year, the company recorded a 29% year-on-year increase in revenue, exceeding the Staffing Industry Analyst growth predictions for the industry.

Farida Gibbs, CEO and founder of Gibbs Hybrid, said: “True digital transformation encompasses not just technology, but also the brains behind the technology and the business processes that enable it.

“Blue chip companies are looking for a single-source supplier to avoid the challenges associated when working with multiple vendors.

“This allows them to harness the power of innovative technologies along with relevant industry expertise to guide them in the right direction.

“The timing of this expansion could not be better. In light of the UK’s Brexit vote, there will definitely be room for a more strategic and collaborative relationship with the US.

“Our conversations with existing and prospective clients suggests that businesses are looking for partners who can help them make the leap across the pond, setting up the people powered processes they need to take advantage of the opportunity.”