COMING SOON: The woman behind Malvern's cyber valley

Malvern in Worcestershire. A quaint town surrounded by rolling hills, home to a very popular spa, source of natural spring water... and cyber-security capital of the UK.

Created in 2011, the cluster of likeminded businesses was founded by Dr Emma Philpott, who continues to manage the setup to this day.

In the 30 days up to 5 January 2015, there were more than 12 million reported cyber attacks around the world, according to the HackerWatch website - and it's believed that only 10% of attacks are reported. Those numbers should alarm businesses, universally.

BQ reporter Frank Holwell meets Emma to understand the true scope and value of the UK cyber security business and the makeup of 'cyber valley'. We explore the task of waking up British businesses to the threat the cyber security issues can bring - it's classified in the same way as terrorism - and how it's likely to be managed in coming years.

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