App looks to fight Birmingham’s long lunch queues

App looks to fight Birmingham’s long lunch queues

A new app launched by young Brummie entrepreneur Lee Nazari is helping eliminate the chore of queueing for lunch for the second city’s office workers.

The Swoope app offers city centre workers the chance to pre-order food in advance from independent restaurant and takeaways, eliminating any need to queue.

Speaking about the launch of the app, Nazari said: "The lunchtime rush in Birmingham is frantic. Often office workers will order from establishments where the queues are the shortest.

“With many local independent establishments not having an online internet presence, we want to bring to Birmingham office workers attention to high quality food outlets within walking distance, whilst making it seamless to pre-order directly with the merchant.”

Since the age of 12 Lee has developed an extensive understanding of the hospitality sector which initially started by helping out in his father’s restaurants at the weekends.

He says: “This experience proved invaluable as I understood first-hand the mind-set of the customer and business owner, which in turn has fostered our innovative app where orders are received into our custom Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) till software.”

Swoope is under the umbrella of Entrepreneurial Spark powered by RBS & Natwest. Run alongside partners KPMG, Dell EMC and Pinsent Masons, Entrepreneurial Spark is a free business accelerator for start-up and scale up businesses.

Lee has already received a £450,000 investment from two wealthy private investors and is now actively pursuing another round of funding.

Swoope is available of the Apple App Store and Google Play store now.