Marg with her grandson (Louis) at her Burntwood Nursery.

Busy Bees expands into Canada

The leading Staffordshire-headquartered childcare provider has expanded into Canada after acquiring BrightPath.

Busy Bees, the UK’s leading childcare provider, has announced the acquisition of BrightPath in Canada, marking its second international move in two years.

BrightPath is Canada’s leading private childcare provider caring for 8,950 pre-school children across 78 early learning and childcare locations in prime areas, and is renowned for delivering the highest standards in curriculum, nutrition, communication and technology, and recreational programmes.

Since Busy Bees’ first international venture in 2015, the acquisition of 70 nurseries across Singapore and Malaysia and the Asian International College, its business development team has been looking intently for opportunities to enter or expand in various parts of the world.

Co-founder and managing director, Marg Randles, said: “BrightPath, like Busy Bees, is committed to providing families with the very best child development programmes and care its country has to offer.

“We are united in our vision and values and we are delighted to be working with such a talented team to share best practice across the waters.

“Busy Bees is enjoying an amazing year with the addition of a number of quality nurseries, bringing the total to 482 nurseries across the UK, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia.  

“Our ethos remains that we are an international network of local nurseries, and our purpose is to continue to create better outcomes for each and every child.

“We really appreciate the hard work everyone has put in to bring this partnership and others to fruition.

“We are looking forward to working closely with Mary Ann, CEO BrightPath, and the team in Canada to share ideas and deliver exciting and innovative activities to more children in all our markets.”

Mary Ann Curran, CEO of BrightPath, added: "Since the company began seven years ago, BrightPath has developed into Canada’s leader in early learning and child care. 

“The company has more than 8,950 licensed child care spaces in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. We are also proud of the unique opportunity we provide for more than 2,130 passionate caregivers and other staff to pursue a progressive career path.

“As part of the Busy Bees family, BrightPath will continue to raise the bar on quality and, with a passion for the care of children, we look forward to continuing to expand and fill the need for high quality early learning and child care."