Michael Bruce

Michael Bruce, Purplebricks CEO

Purplebricks officially launches in the US

The hybrid estate agent officially launches in the US today as it rolls out its service to house hunters in Los Angeles.

Purplebricks is emulating its successful region-by-region rollout in the UK and Australia as it expands into the US later today (15 Sep).

The hybrid estate agent will start operating in Los Angeles before expanding into California and other targeted key states thereafter.

As well as its successful rollout strategy, Purplebricks is also offering the same services as it offers in the UK and Australia but with a little added extra.

This will see the company introduce its new virtual reality (VR) concept for the first time in a bid to wow potential new customers across the pond.

The VR platform on the Purplebricks website will allow US customers to view properties from the comfort of their own arm chair.

If it proves a success, the company is aiming to introduce this new platform to its existing services in the UK and Australia in due course.

CEO and former BQ Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year finalist Michael Bruce said: "Launching Purplebricks today in the US is the single biggest moment in the company's three-year history and a proud moment for me personally.

“It is testament to the quality and dedication of the team that we have achieved this ahead of schedule and expectations. We are excited about the opportunity, in this US$70bn market, while mindful of the challenges.

“We have planned accordingly, adapting both our technology platform and customer proposition, while building out an infrastructure and local team, with decades of experience.

“As we rollout across California and beyond we will closely monitor progress and have the capability to further quickly and efficiently refine our model, if and where necessary.”