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Clive Owen Managed Services director Ian Jarvis

Get your head in the cloud with Clive Owen Managed Services

Business leaders are being urged to put their heads in the cloud to meet the needs of a corporate world driven by technology.

Experts at Clive Owen believe that in a digital world information reigns supreme and access to it needs to be instant.
Clive Owen Managed Services (COMS) recognises that with more and more business conducted in relaxed settings, out of the office, in cafes, restaurants and expos, portable digital devices have become the tools of successful operations.

“The concept of nine-to-five Monday to Friday in front of a single desk is just not a reality for most entrepreneurs,” said COMS director Ian Jarvis. “Business is now 24/7 and senior figures are just as likely to check their affairs at 11pm on a Sunday night as they are on a Wednesday at 3pm.

“While computers have consigned ledgers to the dusty bookshelf, having key information back at the office on a hard drive no longer cuts it in the modern world of business, which is why COMS uses apps to run accounting functions remotely.

COMS is a key element of the independent firm of chartered accountants and business experts, which operates offices in Darlington, Durham and York. Specialists in cloud accounting, COMS offers expertise, support and allows businesses instant access to key financial information “on the go”, via the secure internet, using tablets, smartphones and laptops.

This “virtual” service offers support and increased efficiency in a range of areas, including:

  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Auto Enrolment
  • Management Information
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Accounting Officer Support

The service uses leading software from QuickBooks, Xero and Sage Drive, boasting real-time updates, the ability to budget on a monthly basis and easy to grasp operating systems.

In an increasingly complex world, with so many changes in the payroll arena and strict penalties for non-compliance, more and more business owners are looking to full service providers to take over the management of this key area of administration to relieve the burden.

Jarvis said: “COMS is more than just outsourcing. We understand clients’ individual needs and focus on providing a bespoke service. Control, accuracy and accountability remain fundamental in our approach. 

“One of our key goals is to reduce their administration on record keeping, freeing up time and allowing them to focus on the business itself.”

The rapid development of technology could also see digital tax accounting become compulsory in the near future with cloud accounting being the easy way to prepare for this. Jarvis said: “Technology is the future and as advancements continue our managed services team are here to help look after financial functions and move business forward.

“Cloud accounting allows businesses to keep records up to date, saving them time and money and allowing them to concentrate on developing their business, make quick and informed decisions and flourish in a competitive market.

“Cloud accounting is easy, cost-effective and supremely accessible, offering real benefits to business and is becoming the mainstay of modern administration.” 

For more information on COMS and cloud accounting visit www.cliveowen.com/managedservices

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