Electric Mini

BMW to build electric Mini in the UK

The BMW Group has announced that it is set to build the new electric MINI 3-door Hatch at its plant in Cowley, near Oxford.

There has been much speculation over the past few months on where the all new electric Mini would be built, with BMW said to be torn between a plant in Holland and its plant in Oxford.

However, the group has today announced that the new model will be built here in the UK, providing a major boost to the country ahead of Britain's exit from the EU.

Frank Bachmann, managing director of Plant Oxford, told the Oxford Mail: "This is good news for everybody on the team at Plant Oxford and this addition to the model line-up marks an important next step in the evolution of Mini.

"As the main manufacturer of the Mini three-door, with production expertise built up over many years, it makes sense for us to build this all-electric model.

"I know that everyone on the plant is looking forward to the project that lies ahead."

The new, fully-electric Mini is one of a series of electrified models to be launched by the BMW and Mini brands in the coming years.

In 2018, the BMW i8 Roadster will become the newest member of the BMW i family. The all-electric BMW X3 has been announced for 2020, and the BMW iNEXT is due in 2021.