How do I…use incentive travel to motivate staff

How do I…use incentive travel to motivate staff

Travel can be an excellent incentive as part of your employee recognition policy, but how do you make the most of it?

Time and time again incentive travel has proved itself as a beneficial tool for getting the most out of your workforce; whether it’s to hit an increased sales target, achieve a new goal or to reward a milestone. Some businesses however, still question the benefit of sending employees on ‘holiday’. Here’s how you can use incentive travel to motivate staff and reach your goals.

Be strategic: Incentive travel gives employees a goal to work toward, in turn this helps motivate them to focus more on the task at hand. This can be used for individuals, or if you need a group of employees to work well as a unit you can reward teams within your business with incentive travel. A bit of healthy competition never hurt anybody.

Good news travels fast: Cash rewards are great, but travel and holidays are a highly sort after reward. Anyone can offer a bonus, but incentive travel will provide your employees with an experience they otherwise might never get to have. People are also more likely to share how amazing their experience was when they return from travelling, which in turn will motivate others to share this experience.

Employee loyalty: Incentive travel is the perfect way to show your employees how much you value them. If your workforce feels valued they’re much more likely to remain loyal and happier in their job.

Embrace its flexibility: You don’t have to send your employees off to a desert island, incentive travel comes in many different shapes and sizes and can easily be adapted to meet your budget. This flexibility means not only can the employer pick the right option for them, but the experience can also be designed with employees in mind.

After its own holiday incentive travel seems to be back and more popular than ever. By using these simple tips, you can motivate your employees to reach new goals, whilst showing them gratitude for their hard work.