Friday Social: Facebook Bonfire, Bitmojis and Tweetstorms

Friday Social: Facebook Bonfire, Bitmojis and Tweetstorms

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Things are hotting up with Facebook Bonfire

Earlier this week, news spread like wildfire (sorry) about Facebook’s new group video chat app.

‘Bonfire’ lets users host video chats with groups of friends, with added Snapchat-style effects and overlays.

So far it’s only been made available to a limited number of smartphone users in Denmark, and it seems to have been designed with younger Facebook users in mind.

It’s no wonder, as according to a recent report, the social network's user base of 12 to 17-year-olds in the UK and USA are becoming less-engaged with Facebook, and are logging in less frequently, spending less time on it and even quitting it altogether.

We’re interested to see if this helps address the problem…