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Google launches £1m fund to fight terrorism

The fund will provide capital to innovative UK start-ups who can help tackle violent extremist content online.

Google’s £1m anti-terror fund will help leaders from the UK’s technology, academic, and charity sectors develop projects to counter extremism.

Over the next two years, the funding will support technology-driven solutions, as well as grassroots efforts like community youth projects that help build communities and promote resistance to radicalisation.

The project, which aims to produce innovative, effective and data-driven solutions that can undermine and overcome radicalisation propaganda, is part of a wider US$5m campaign and will be the largest project of its kind outside of government.

The announcement comes as Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to encourage tech giants such as Google, Twitter and Facebook to do more to tackle extremist content online during her speech at the United Nations in New York.

Google has said it will reveal more details on the fund over the coming months.