Workplace of the week: Town Hall Dental

As the name suggests, Rachel Dilley and the team carry out their cosmetic dentistry work in the old Brighouse Town Hall. Leaning away from the traditional, their surroundings help them get away from the 'mean dentist' stigma.

Describe your business in no more than 100 words.

Town Hall Dental is a cosmetic dental practice based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. We specialise in providing some of the most innovative dental procedures available on the market today, combined with our award-winning patient care.

At Town Hall Dental patients receive high quality dental treatment and patient care, within the elegant surroundings of our 19th century building.

We believe that the Town Hall Dental’s location, architecture and décor combined with the excellent service we provide, creates a unique dental experience unrivalled across other practices in West Yorkshire. 

Is there an interesting history to your workplace? For example, did it have a different use before it became your workplace?

As the name may suggest, our practice is based in the old Brighouse Town Hall. Used as a town hall in the 19th century, the building’s history actually dates back over 400 years, starting life as a Malt Kiln.

Visitors to the practice can view our wall dedicated to the history of the building, showcasing important moments in Brighouse history, such as the end of World War One celebrations held in the square outside.

What makes your workplace special?

What we feel makes Town Hall Dental special, and what is most commonly said by visitors and patients, is how different it feels to a traditional dental practice. Our goal from the outset was to create a welcoming space that feels more like a home away from home than a sterile treatment centre.

From the preserved historical architecture right through to the carpets and chairs, we always strive to create a comfortable environment for everyone that comes through our doors.

Who is responsible for making your workplace brilliant?

Our workplace is the embodiment of our core belief that patient care should be our number one priority, and that was set in place at the outset by our principal dentist Imran Rangzeb. The great thing about our workplace is that everyone chips in together to make it brilliant, keeping everything clean and presentable but also a warm and inviting space.

What made you want to deviate from the standard ‘desk, chair, kettle’ office setup?

As a dental practice, we could never have a ‘traditional’ office in that sense, so ‘desk, chair, kettle’ was out from the get go! (Although we kept the kettle). We wanted to devote as much space as possible for our dentists, so that they are free to do their best work, but the rest of the space (such as the waiting room and the reception) are designed to be both functional and welcoming.

How does this affect morale, productivity, staff retention?

We’re incredibly proud to say we have a 0% staff turnover rate, and that is down to a variety of factors. We want to make Town Hall Dental a place where people come to work, and while we offer lots of benefits and training to our team it’s just as important that they have somewhere nice to come to every day.

What kind of reaction do you get from visitors and clients when they see how you work?

We love the reaction we get from new visitors, because it’s always the same. Nobody can ever believe that we’re a dental practice! We’d like to take a bit of credit for that, but a lot of our responsibility is helping to reduce the stigma of the ‘mean dentist’. A lot of the patients that visit us come because they are nervous patients and don’t want to seek treatment elsewhere.

How far is too far – have you had to say no to anything?

There are a few things we’ve said no to, but only when we feel like it’s cutting corners. Our practice reflects on us, even down to the design. If we’re seen to be taking the easy way out to save money, that could be indicative of our treatment of patients, and that’s not acceptable.

What other plans do you have to make your workplace even better?

We have just completed renovating the upstairs of the Town Hall to create The Room, a beautiful conference and event space which is already attracting attention from lots of local businesses and groups as an entertaining venue. Our next goal is to create some office space for the management team, then maybe take a break from building for a while!