Five young eco-entrepreneurs set for big things in 2018

Five young eco-entrepreneurs set for big things in 2018

SMEs account for over 90% of the UK’s low-carbon sector, estimated to be worth £121bn to the UK economy, and are the driving force behind progress and innovation in this space.

Here are five young entrepreneurs set for big things in 2018.

Adam Dixon, co-founder of Phytoponics

Phytoponics, an agri-tech company founded in Cardiff by Adam Dixon, Luke Parkin and Matteo Iorio, has developed a system designed to make commercial greenhouses more energy, land and water efficient.

Phytoponics grows vine crops, like peppers and tomatoes, using hydroponics. It consists of an inflatable grow bag made out of a flexible polymer, which is then filled with water and attached to a pump to filter in nutrients and aerate the water.

Commercial farming and agriculture cause huge strain on the natural environment because they are energy, water and land intensive. Hydroponics is much less carbon intensive than other growing forms as it uses significantly less land and water than soil growing. As a result, the team behind Phytoponics estimate that their system could be up to 80% more water efficient than soil based farming.

Having already received the huge accolade of United Nations Young Champion of the Earth, Adam was named Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future winner in August 2017 and also start-up of the year at the Welsh start-up awards.