National Grid team are UK’s most valuable workers

National Grid team are UK’s most valuable workers

Generating almost £350,000 profit per employee per year, the National Grid’s employees generate more profit for a business than any other UK firm in the Global 500.

Expert Market has released the findings of its latest study into the most valuable employees in the world, with the National Grid swooping into the top 10.

The study used the most recent release of Fortune’s Global 500, a prestigious business list which ranks the top 500 companies by revenue, and cross referenced information on company profit, number of employees and head office location to determine which global companies’ staff bring in the most money per head.

Interestingly, The National Grid, one of the UK’s leading gas and electricity utility firms, is the only British company to earn a place in the top 10, with employees there effectively generating over £350k each. The company landed 5th place in the ranking; above global heavyweights such as Apple and Goldman Sachs.

The National Grid is also the only energy company to gain a place in the top 5 along with other notable US brands including pharmaceutical giants, Gilead Sciences (2nd) and social media powerhouse Facebook (4th). Despite not making it into the top 3, National Grid employees still earn the company a huge amount, £245k more than the £105k average for the top 100 most profitable employees included in the ranking.

With the 5th most profitable employees in the world it’s clear that National Grid employees are of great value to the company, however, in recent months The National Grid has received criticism from the Citizens Advice Bureau, who claim that some of these profits should be returned to consumers.

Hannah Whitfield, who headed up this research at Expert Market comments: “ What is interesting about this study is that while some companies are making the Fortune 500 with huge armies of staff, some, are making that level of money with relatively few, like American mortgage firm Fannie Mae who only has 7,000 staff. For the National Grid, with each employee effectively generating over £350k in profit each, this could easily equate to a family home in some parts of the UK!”