Five ways to protect your office and staff

Five ways to protect your office and staff

Leading security system supplier Verisure provides five top tips for ensuring your office and staff remain safe...

As the manager of a growing company, it is your responsibility to keep your staff and customers safe on your premises.

Stores, showrooms, and offices are commercial properties where you can expect a lot of footfall. The features that make these properties appealing for brick-and-mortar businesses, such as accessibility and open layouts, also makes them vulnerable to natural disasters and street crime.

At the end of 2017, there were nearly 40,000 burglaries and over 33,000 cases of shoplifting reported across the country. Meanwhile, a 2015 World Risk Report, compiled by the United Nations University for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS), states that Britain is at higher risk of natural disasters than France and Germany.

Add to this the growing risk of cyber attack and fire hazards, and you can see why your business needs protection.

Here are some of the basic ways you can safeguard your business, property, employees, and customers:


Background checks

Background checks are a must for certain job profiles and industries. These checks can help you decide whether a potential applicant has a criminal background, a right to work in the country, health issues that may prevent them from doing their job safely, or restrictions on working with children or the elderly. If the employee you're looking to hire is responsible for managing other people or sensitive data, running a background helps to ensure that they'll do their job responsibly.


Advanced security technology

Cutting-edge gadgets can help you monitor your store, protect customer data, and reduce crime. Smart sensors, motion trackers, and alarms can help keep everyone in your office or store safe. Deploying technology to protect your staff and customers is one of the most efficient and simplest ways to bolster security.


Staff training

Regular and repeated training can help keep your staff safe. Train them to detect digital security concerns, provide first aid in emergencies, assist the elderly, sit with the right posture, and lift heavy items without the risk of injury. Setting aside a few hours every week for training will help your staff be more cautious and prepared for any eventuality.


Lighting and ergonomics

Meticulously redesigning your office or store could make it safer. With better lighting, elderly customers and people with visual impairments can navigate your store more safely. Ergonomic chairs will reduce the risk of chronic backache and clearer signs will cut down on injuries and accidents at work.


Prepare for natural disasters

The risk of natural disasters such as floods, storms, and wildfire seem to be increasing with climate change. Your employees need to be trained to protect themselves and your customers in case of an emergency. The American Red Cross offers a handy disaster checklist that you can apply to protect your staff and visitors.

Managing a business means mitigating risks. As a business leader, your employees and customers expect a safe working environment. Offer training, support, and technology to help your staff deal with the risks.