Entrepreneur cleans up his old window cleaning round

Entrepreneur cleans up his old window cleaning round

An entrepreneur from Hull who started out cleaning windows at BAE Systems in Brough has bought a 135,000 sq ft warehouse on the site of his former round.

Dutch Imports and Daughters owner Charlie Kraanen is moving his business to the old operations hanger which is now part of the 79-acre Humber Enterprise Park.

Kraanen, together with his team of 15, will be relocating his garden furniture and ornaments business from its current headquarters in Wiltshire Road, Hull.

He said: “It is a dream come true, coming back to where I started out in my working life. But I haven’t done this out of sentiment.

“We have relocated to the Humber Enterprise Park in Brough because it is a fabulous place to work, where the facilities and location are superb.

“Our new warehouse, for example, is second to none; it’s where the aeroplanes were kept and, as a result, is a quality building.

“This new warehouse is almost five times the size as our present warehouse. It took two years to find, but we are now finally able to increase our stock levels, allowing us to offer our customers a better and wider choice of new and exciting products.”

Kraanen bought the new warehouse for an undisclosed seven-figure sum. He originally came to Humberside from Holland in the late 1970s and fell in love with Karen, now his wife.

After a number of temporary jobs, including cleaning the windows at BAE Systems, he and Karen set up Dutch Imports 25 years ago.

Now his daughters, Charlene and Lynsey, who is married to Olympic Boxing champion Luke Campbell, also work at the company.