Durham: A hotbed for hospitality

Durham: A hotbed for hospitality

A new partnership has been launched to promote employment opportunities for young people in Durham City’s booming hospitality sector.

The partnership sees Durham Business Improvement District (BID) pledge its support to the new National Careers Service’s Supporting Inspiration initiative.

The initiative aims to help young people develop an appreciation of the world of work, local labour markets, the skills needs of different business sectors and career opportunities open to them.

It comes in the wake of research showing that the North East has outpaced London in food-led premises during the past five years.

According to a Market Growth Monitor Report, by AlixPartners and CGA Peach, the region experienced a 20.6% increase in food-led premises between September 2010 and 2015, ahead of London which saw a 20% growth.

Adam Deathe, business development manager for Durham BID, said: “We’re delighted to endorse Supporting Inspiration, which is a very positive initiative.

“Through our involvement we hope to raise awareness amongst young people regarding the successful and rewarding careers that can be achieved in Durham City which is home to many successful businesses in the hospitality, retail and tourism sectors. 

“In Durham, 70% of business is customer-facing to some extent, so it is important that students appreciate the skillset, including softer skills, such as engaging with customers, that is required to work across these sectors.

“The initiative is extremely worthwhile as it enables businesses, schools and colleges in the area to work together more effectively for the good of young people in our city, and ultimately of the local economy.”

The National Careers Service in the North East recently launched a Supporting Inspiration portal, which aims to transform the way employers contribute to making young people in the region work-ready.

The service, which is part of the government’s Inspiration agenda, uses the portal to match up employers willing to inform students about the world of work, with schools and colleges across the region.

It connects with employers, in Durham, Northumberland, Tees Valley, Tyneside and Wearside, who can offer a range of careers education support such as providing work experience placements, mentoring students face-to-face and online and attending careers fairs.