New jobs found for SSI apprentices

New jobs found for SSI apprentices

Two former SSI apprentices are back in employment thanks to support from the SSI Task Force.

Cameron Owen and Lewis Mitchell were about to start the first year of their apprenticeships with SSI when the steel plant closed.

With help from the task force and Middlesbrough-based training provider TTE, they have now found new placements where they will go on to complete their training.

Lewis, 16, of Redcar, is now employed by Chemoxy International, one of Europe’s largest independent chemical manufacturers, as a science industry maintenance technician.

Cameron, 17, who lives in Ormesby, has been taken on by Lotte Chemical UK, a subsidiary of KP Chemical Corporation, as a science manufacturing technician.

As part of the three-year apprenticeships, the duo will gain practical and theoretical knowledge at TTE, as well as receiving on-the-job training with their sponsor companies.

Amanda Skelton, task force chair and chief executive of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, praised the positive effect the task force is having on Teesside.

She said: “I’m pleased that our local businesses have been so supportive and it’s key that more individuals and companies come forward and take advantage of the funds that the SSI Task Force has to offer.” 

TTE has so far placed 25 of the 40 former SSI apprentices on their books. All of the remaining first year apprentices are back in full-time training with the technical training group while it works to secure new placements for them.

Details about all the SSI Funds available for individuals and businesses can be found on the Tees Valley Unlimited website at