SK Foods boosted by Chinese New Year

SK Foods boosted by Chinese New Year

Wynyard-based SK Chilled Foods is celebrating Chinese New Year in style after the firm produced 1.5 million pieces of prawn toast to help revelers celebrate the holiday.

The Chinese holiday is one of the busiest times of the year for the food manufacturer, which is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of chilled and frozen snack foods.

The landmark number of prawns produced for the holiday period follows a recent £618,000 expansion of its facilities on Teesside where the prawn toast is prepared.

Jeremy Faulkner, managing director of SK Foods, said: “This is one of our busiest times of year as we produce a significant range of Oriental food for supermarkets all over the UK.

“If you enjoy a spring roll or prawn toast bought from a local supermarket, it was likely made right here in Teesside.

“We have a team of chefs who work to make sure our Oriental flavours are delicious and authentic. They develop their own recipes, testing and tasting to make sure they are right for individual customers.

“Each customer has their own recipe whatever Oriental food it is, so even though they’re made in the same place, they will taste unique and different, depending on where it is bought.

“Although we make a great range of different worldwide foods such as Indian and Tex Mex, Oriental remains extremely popular.

“Our investment in continuing to expand and improve the facilities we have to meet customer needs in this area shows our commitment to making sure we’re at the forefront of providing the best ethnic foods possible.”

Chinese New Year is the longest and most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. Traditionally, celebrations last 15 days with families preparing by cooking food, buying gifts and cleaning house well in advance.