Cyber in the city

Cyber in the city

The region’s businesses are being invited to a series of free events at Newcastle Science Central to explore smart cities through innovation and sustainability.

The events held by Newcastle University will teach SMEs and services in the public sector about urban sustainability’s potential to enhance and grow opportunities for their business.

The first talk, Cyber in the City: Bridging the digital with the physical, will be held on 18 February at The Core, Newcastle Science Central.

Prof John Fitzgerald, School of Computing Science, who will be giving the first talk of the series, said: “Businesses across the world and in the North East of England are developing products that are increasingly dependent on computing elements.

“It’s not only about making things ‘smart’ but what we do with them is key in making our cities sustainable, fostering innovation to improve life in the city.”

Fitzgerald will discuss how digital technology is transforming cities and the way the public interact with them.

“Through the ‘internet of things’, computing technology is becomingincreasingly important to physical lives.

“It presents new opportunities for making cities more sustainable, increasing the quality of life for residents.”

He will be joined by Dr Phil James, an expert in GIS and the internet of things, who will explain how the city of Newcastle is leading in urban sensing and explore some of the benefits it provides.

At the end of the event there will be a networking session where attendees can meet with researchers from the university to discuss ideas about urban sustainability and explore potential collaborations with Newcastle Science Central.

For more information and to register for the event visit: http:www.newcastlesciencecentral.comevent2271