Code Academy to upskill region’s workforce

Code Academy to upskill region’s workforce

A new company aiming to train the next generation of North East software developers has launched in Newcastle.

Code Academy plans to capitalise on the growth of the North East technology sector and help to narrow the digital skills gap in the region.

The company is part of SGP Technology Group and will provide intensive, yearlong training and work-based programmes.

Graduates put through the courses will then be placed within some of the region’s most prestigious technology companies at the end of it.

By working in collaboration with high profile businesses, Code Academy will support the drive to retain talent in the region by ensuring graduates have the opportunity to secure work related to the degree they’ve undertaken.

Managing director, Peter Chalder-Wood, said: “The North East is home to one of the fastest growing technology and software sectors in the country with employers expecting to create over 2,000 jobs next year.

“However, they are struggling to fill the posts from the pool of graduates within the region, as some lack the more rounded work-based skills at the level required to meet the needs of businesses.

“What Code Academy will offer is training and work-based learning specific to their needs, so that at the end of the programme they have a readymade workforce to tap into.

“It means our talented graduates are much more likely to stay in the region as there are genuine career opportunities for them, and employers have the skilled individuals to tap into rather than recruitng people from elsewhere in the country.

“We are keen that the North East plays a significant part in the Northern Powerhouse agenda and that Code Academy helps address the digital skills gap, especially in the post-university and early careers space.”

The first tranche of 16 graduates, will begin their training in March with a further 25 recruited to start in September.

Graduates interested in finding out more can download the company brochure from the website