Bowyer has it in the bag

Bowyer has it in the bag

Entrepreneur and Grainger Games founder, Stephen Bowyer, has unveiled an exclusive new company which buys and sells pre-loved designer bags in the North East.

Lux Trader, buys and sells pre-loved designer bags such as Michael Kors, Gucci and Birkin, and any unwanted high end shoes and watches, which will soon be offered for sale on its website and new store locations around Newcastle.

“Wardrobes across the North East are full of designer bags and accessories that are no longer worn or wanted.

“And there are thousands of people who would just love to snap them up,” explained Stephen.

“Lux Trader makes selling these pre-loved goods easier than ever, because, unlike auction sites, there is no haggling and none of the risk associated with dealing directly with strangers.

“We have a professional team which can provide a quote straight away and, providing the item is genuine, they will honour that quote.”

Potential vendors can fill in a form on the Lux Trader website, where they can fill in details regarding their item and receive a quote from the company in return.

The business already has a network of retail outlets through the Grainger Games and Trade Nation stores, and customers can then drop the items off at any of the six chosen branches across the region.

Customer Ellie Murdoch, who used the site to sell a pre-loved Prada bag, said: “I would recommend Lux Trader to anyone who has a bag or designer accessory they no longer use – I’m going to use the money I got, for my next designer purchase!”