Scottish business makes Newcastle its home

Scottish business makes Newcastle its home

Thanks to the continued growth of the Northern Powerhouse, a Scottish business consultancy has relocated its headquarters from Glasgow to Newcastle.

Invicta Public Affairs, who specialise in strategic communications, is hoping that the move to Newcastle will aid the company’s continued expansion, whilst also benefitting wider regional growth.

Mark Cummings, Invicta’s founder and director, said: ““We are taking a template that helped Invicta secure phenomenal investment successes across Scotland, creating thousands of jobs in the process and we have adapted it to bring about that same positive change in the North East and the rest of the UK.  

“Invicta is determined to push the Northern Powerhouse agenda. Many businesses have talked about devolution as an opportunity and we are taking that one step further – by investing.”

The team works alongside the house building, commercial property, energy and transport sectors to generate political and community support for projects.

Looking toward the future, Cummings added: “The Newcastle HQ is a great milestone for the company – we are now better placed than ever to support one of the fastest growing business regions in the country.”