Biochemica search for the next 'Apprentice Great'

Biochemica search for the next 'Apprentice Great'

Inspired by the role which kick started its managing director’s career, a Teesside water management company has begun the search to find its first laboratory technician apprentice.

Biochemica UK was co-founded in 2007 by managing director Dave Ruddy, who began his profession with support from the North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC), and has since been named one of the NECC’s ‘Apprentice Greats’.

Having joined forced with the NECC, Biochemica are now offering a local youngster the opportunity to follow his footsteps.

“I’m proud to be an apprentice champion and Biochemica appreciates the significance of apprenticeships as a career path, especially as many of our staff started their working lives by taking this route,” said Mr Ruddy.

“It opened the door to my career, so there are great possibilities for the successful candidate.

Two warehouse assistant apprentices with Biochemica, have since gone on to expand their skills in the field and secure permanent positions with the company once completing their programmes.

Furthermore, last year Biochemica saw an intake of four local youngsters across different areas of the business, and the water specialist is expecting to create at least two more employment opportunities within the next month.

Dave added: “Apprenticeships bring value not only to our business but the wider regional economy so we are committed to investing in young people to support our ambitious growth strategy.”

NECC president, Mike Matthews, also began his career as an apprentice and is keen to facilitate greater collaborations between business and education in the region.

He said: “through NECC’s Apprentice Greats book we saw that many leading business people began their careers as apprentices.

“Appointments such as this certainly bring exciting prospects.”