County Durham firms join forces to boost entrepreneurial growth

County Durham firms join forces to boost entrepreneurial growth

Two county Durham firms have joined forced to boost entrepreneurial growth in the region.

Seaham-based Great Annual Savings Group and Full Circle North East in Peterlee are working together to offer a range of support services to local business start-ups.

Full Circle, which was recently launched by cousins Kirsty Campbell and Leanne Knight, will provide advice on grants, training and employment, whilst Great Annual Savings Group will look to help companies reduce utility bills, insurance, fire safety and telecommunications costs.

Bradley Groves, chief executive and chairman of Great Annual Savings Group, said: “Starting a business is a step into the unknown and the fear factor may prevent several capable entrepreneurs from taking the plunge.

“Our alliance with Full Circle aims to address this issue by providing the necessary support so that these entrepreneurs don’t feel so alone when they take their first steps.” 

Kirsty Campbell started up Full Circle after realising there wasn’t enough accessible business advice in the region and said: “The aim is to focus on East Durham initially and then expand the service to all areas of the North East.”