Young entrepreneur opens boutique IT agency

Young entrepreneur opens boutique IT agency

A young North East entrepreneur has taken the IT talent shortage into his own hands after setting up his own boutique agency for the sector.

Durham-based Ronald James will specialise in Niche IT across the region, led by James Blackwell who has over four years experience in the digital and technology sector.

Aiming to deliver a more personalised service, the agency will only work with a handful of companies, in order to build strong relationships and help it become the trusted partner for specialist IT talent.

"I feel passionate about the north east and confident about growing the business to 6 staff by the end of the year,” said James.

“For me there is no better place to do it than here."

The agency will offer a free 10 minute power session with local businesses seeking advice on how to retain their current talent and creative ways on how to attract talent into the area.