North East businessman aims to help education

North East businessman aims to help education

A North East businessman has launched a unique business in the region which aims to support schools and academy groups across the country.

PBR Education offers strategic services to education providers to help them to improve overall performance and ensure that students get the best possible experience from their time in education.

Founder and managing director at PBR Education, Paul Brockwell, thought up the company after 20 years experience working in the education sector.

“I understand the pressures school and academy leaders are under, and want to use my passion for enabling and empowering people to ensure that students make the best progress possible,” he said.

Support offered to schools through Local Education Authorities (LEA) has drastically reduced as a result of government policy moving towards ever increasing academisation, something which PBR Education aims to tackle.

Brockwell added: “Ultimately, we're a central procurement service for educational establishments working with students across Key Stages 1 to 5.

“In providing such services, our network of highly experienced associates free up much needed resource, time and energy in schools and academy chains, so that leaders and teachers can focus on what’s important – educating, developing and shaping the adults of tomorrow.”