New EE jobs in North Tyneside

New EE jobs in North Tyneside

EE has announced plans to re-shore 600 customer service jobs back to the UK before the end of the year, creating a number of new jobs in North Tyneside by July.

Merthyr, Plymouth and Ireland will also benefit from new service roles, allowing all EE Pay Monthly Customer calls to be handled onshore.

EE has already boosted customer satisfaction and cut complaints by 50% through an on-shoring programme that’s seen more than 1,400 jobs created in the UK and Ireland since 2014.

EE CEO Marc Allera said: “We’re bringing 100% of our EE customer service calls back to the UK and Ireland.

“We’ve already seen a major boost in customer satisfaction by creating 1,400 new service jobs here since 2014.

“Now we’re creating 600 additional jobs to handle all EE customer service calls in the UK and Ireland by the end of this year, providing the best possible experience for our customers.”

EE has also committed to growing its 4G coverage from 60% of UK landmass to 95%, with the ambition to cover customers wherever they go by 2020.