Dicksons welcomes a new family member

Dicksons welcomes a new family member

Family business Dicksons Pork Butchers has welcomed their first non-family managing director to the company.

The North East business was overseen by Michael Dickson, who has made the decision to step into the role of executive chairman, after 25 years leading Dickson’s from a small group of shops in South Tyneside to a business employing over 300 staff.

Now, Chris Hayman will take up the managing director role, after working as head of sales for the firm.

Michael Dickson said: “It’s been commonly accepted for some time by staff, colleagues and family that we would make such an appointment to allow me to move to the role of company chair.

“Given how integrated Chris is within Dicksons and how involved he has been in the future strategy of the business, passing operational matters over as the first non-family managing director of the company has been a process rather than an event.

“This is an appointment we’ve planned for several years and which was the main driver behind the formation of a family (shareholder) council in 2008.”

The firm is expecting further growth over the next 12 months, with plans for a 50% increase in its retail estate by 2019, taking it to 40 sites.

Furthermore, staff numbers are expected to approach 450 in the next three years.

Chris Hayman, newly appointed managing director said: “When I first arrived at Dicksons, the change in culture from a multi-national to a much-loved family business was a revelation but one which I embraced wholeheartedly. 

“The business has gone from strength to strength over the past few years and modifications to our retail model and new shops have brought us to a new audience eager to try both the traditional and new products that continue to make Dicksons such a strong brand in the region.”