The #FridaySocial : Twitter, public texting and the un-skippable ad

The #FridaySocial : Twitter, public texting and the un-skippable ad

Our Friday Social is a weekly round-up of the key social media news stories from the previous seven days...

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1. #TweetsToBeats


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To celebrate the 2016 Leeds Digital Festival, which this year incorporates the Live at Leeds music festival, we have created a Twitter app that turns your #TweetsToBeats. Users who enter their Twitter account receive a video Tweet from @TweetsToBeats with their personal beat. Our #TweetsToBeats ‘algo-rhythm’ looks at three elements from your Twitter activity and is explained in detail on the site.

Sounds cool, hey? Give it a go here:



2."Public texting app" Talkshow goes viral




New messaging app, Talkshow, garnered some attention this week after its creator revealed that the idea was inspired by a conversation between Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. The app alows users to host "Talkshow", public live chats around an event, TV show or current trend. Users notify their followers when a "Talkshow" is live and participants are encouraged to post reactions and share GIFs. Will it take off? Probably not. Nice idea though!


3. Twitter lends a hand in the fight against trolls

Twitter will now let users report multiple tweets at once, aiming to crack down on abuse sent via the social network. Twitter announced the change earlier this week in a blog post and a tweet from its @safety account, stating that ‘This update makes it easier for you to provide us with more information about the extent of abuse and reduces the time it takes to do so. That added context often helps us investigate issues and get them resolved faster’.